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"Where there is captivity of the soul and mind, there is limit, but where there is imagination and creativity, it is limitless." - L.S.Luna

I am a 14 year-old girl who dreams to one day become an actress, photographer, director, and writer (part time artist as well). The path I follow will most definitely ensure hardships and difficulties, but will also unravel a journey of adventure and enjoyment.


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Update on Account + Apologies

Hello and welcome to my very journal entry!

This journal entry will be split into two part. In the first part,
I will be talking about an update I will be doing on this
account and the future goals (I hope to achieve with you all) I plan to
lead this account towards.
In the second part, I will be talking about all the apologies I have towards
all the watchers and people who've been putting
up with all of my bull**** and still do so
as we speak.

Kao Emoji-01 (Banzai Hurray) [V1]  Thanks you guys for doing this, enjoy reading! Kao Emoji-01 (Banzai Hurray) [V1]  

Warning: Be ready to read a lot!

Update on Account:
    When I say that I'm planning on updating the account, I don't mean getting a deviantart membership and redecorating the account itself completely to make it look appealing to the eye. When I say update, I mean that I plan on making a change on this account. A change that will hopefully break me away from being the lazy a** I am and actually do more with this. My sole reason on creating this account was to share my work with everyone and connect with every single person, but lately that's not what's been happening. 
    Lately, I've been making promises on posting stories, yet I didn't. I know this is most likely an excuse you've all heard from me more than once, but it's mostly due to insecurities, feeling like I'm not reaching my full potential, unsure of what I want to do with my life on deviantart and what everyone will think. 
    But I realized that, in order to go beyond what you want to do, to reach full capacity, to do what you love and admire, you have to reach within yourself and let everything you found yourself stuck in, go. Despite all the difficulties and hardships that may make you feel like your the only one going through it, you're truly not. It's a part of life, bumps along the road are bound to happen; you can't just sit still and wait for something to happen or someone to help you. You, yourself, are the only one who can get through it, all you have to do is make a change and climb up. 
    Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that it's about time for me to make a change. Although I've been stuck here for a long time, waiting for it to pass through, it won't. I have to be the one to change and climb up, because you all who have been there for me, waiting for me, have been on the other side this whole time. It's time that the wait I've inclined myself to, be finished for good.
SO, THE MAIN POINT OF THIS SECTION IS: I plan to start writing again! Hurrah! I've already started writing, mainly writing my thoughts based on songs I find myself constantly listening to. But despite so, I plan on writing stories again! I'm going to try and post a story or two each day or each other day (If that even makes sense). I'm not sure when the next one-shot story will come out, but hopefully by the time Monday rolls in, one (or two) will be published. I know I said that I would make this account an art account, but It's not something I find myself doing often now. I mainly write and come up with stories and plots nowadays, but I will post a drawing here an there every once in a while.
    I would like to apologize to all the people who I've made promises to and ended up breaking them. I would also like to apologize for constantly posting journal entries on 'not being good enough' with my writing. I mainly posted those journal entries because I was just really upset and confused with myself, not sure on who to talk to because they would constantly say the same thing. What I really needed was an honest opinion, something I could hold onto for comfort. You've given me just that, and yet, I've abused it and thought little of it. 
    Focusing mainly on the negative vibes and rarely on the positive. I really hope you can forgive me for doing such a thing. Please understand that I didn't mean to do so on purpose, it was an accident. I know I tend to break my promises, but I'm not perfect and can't keep on saying these things to enlighten the hope of myself writing again, when at that time, I just couldn't bring myself to do so.
But if there's one thing I can promise you all...
That's that I won't stop trying to do what I can to climb up to reach infinity (Hope that made sense).

Kao Emoji-10 (Nod) [V1] Once again, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!Kao Emoji-10 (Nod) [V1] 
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